Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Water, water,dinner, stuff

When I came back with a load of unfolded laundry (folding tables were ALL in use), there was a long, thin box and a hot water heater next to the house, so I figured we were set. And, indeed, the kitchen faucet (probably left on by mistake when the water turned off) was running. Warm.

Also, the bathroom was flooded. I put some towels down. Yeah.

I started folding the laundry, I researched a plot point in the current story (a plot point I hadn't planned, but a couple of lines I'd tossed off seemed to lead to that. I've decided that it would be a VERY different story and not to use it. Too many death stories in this fandom already, plus I can be differently dramatic with it.) And I listened to my phone messages.

This is a big deal. I NEVER listen to phone messages. The therapist called with a different number. We played phone tag and then I caught her. She's calling between now and 11 today and we will actually TALK. Yay.

Finally *looked* at the toilet. The float bar, the one with the rubber ballon attached? Had gotten broken. Probably when the water came back on. I turned the water valve to the toilet off because I had to meet my inlaws and Jonathan in the city for dinner and I so needed a shower. I bought a new valve arrangement (no balloons anymore!) before getting on the train. I also got my mother-in-law a pocket led flashlight because reading menus in dark restaurants has become very difficult for her.

The restaurant, NOIDUE, is really nice. It's a kosher dairy Italian place (while most of my homemade Italian style food is fleishig, I find it works better dairy in restaurants - more versatility.) And it was very crowded, but our salads and my eggplant was yummy. They have a very rustic marinara sauce that clearly is made from fresh tomatoes. Really delicious, and the eggplant was perfect. And I know my eggplant. :)

The only bad part was that this place does not sit partial parties. I was late, but Jonathan was later, and then there were no tables. Nothing to do with meds, but if I let myself get too hungry, my blood sugar just drops. Apparently, that sort of hypoglycemia is a precursor to Type II, and it doesn't go away. Metfornim does not cause this, either, and that's my only diabetic med. And when I get a drop, I get very irritable, and often just can't think. And I was reaching that point. Fortunately, the hostess was sympathetic and brought us a basket of bread and offered us slushies. Those we turned down, but the bread and a little water and I was fine.

Jonathan is currently fixing the toilet. Yay!

I also speed processed more membership forms because our overanxious shul vp operations wanted to make her own copies of them and I had a few to do. Which a good thing, but got the adrenaline moving. I also answered the door in the fetching costume of t-shirt nightgown, skirt and hat. :)

Jonathan is fixing the toilet now. YAY.

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