Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
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Rosh HaShanah - Final

I very much enjoyed having no guests on Shabbos. It meant I had normal Shabbos sized meals, and made it feel like Shabbos, not Yom Tov. One of the problems with weekend Yom Tov is that not only do you lose Sunday, you also feel like you lose the Sabbath, subsumed under all the holiday stuff.

So we had pot roast and vegetables and salad for Shabbos dinner, and cheddar and onion quiche for lunch. I got to shul just after they put away the sifrei torah, which means just in time for our mid-service kiddush. So I caught up very fast, got waylaid by my favorite thirteen year old motormouth (she loves reading YA fantasy novels and series, and she HAS to tell me about them. I gave her Tamora Pierce's "Protector of the Small" for her bat mitzvah last year, and she's read every thing Tammy's writting since. Now she asks me detailed questions. ) and then we had a gorgeous musaf. Elie, our ba'al tefila, has a gorgeous, smooth tenor and knows how much to ornament. He's a brilliant guy, too, if distressingly politcally conservative.

Then there was quiche at home, and naps, and then we had guests for dinner. Fish, soup, boneless turkey roast, stuffing, gravy (I actually made a velouté with stock and turkey juices), and honeycake. I was going to put raspberries on the cake, but they were moldy. Ick.

The highlight, though? Was the new challah plate I used. It's absolutely beautiful - an heirloom quality Lennox oval platter with the blessing for bread in gold. I got it from my stepfather a couple of weeks ago. It was a fiftieth wedding anniversary present for him and his late first wife. They weren't religious and never used it. You cannot imagine how it felt to be given such a beautiful, meaningful thing. None of his kids are religious, either, and Lenny wanted it to go to someone who would use it. So I used it for the first time Saturday night.

Lennox doesn't make Judaica anymore. That makes this even more precious. I intend that it will go back to his grandchildren.

Sunday - for various reasons, I had a horrible night. I got maybe two-three hours. I even finished a book, sitting in the living room where there was light. But I dragged myself to shul, where I cried during the rabbi's dvar because I was dreading lunch, when I'd have to serve my family and a friend and be a gracious hostess while dead on my feet.

Lunch was successful - the friend and my brother had a lot in common and my folks are my folks, and anyway it was basically leftovers from the previous two dinners. And I had a nice two hour nap, which helped.

Now to get myself mentally prepared for Yom Kippur.
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