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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Missions accomplished

Today, I did NOT call the second name on my referral list.

I did, however, go out way before evening. I got the shul mail. I went to the library, where I reserved a graphic novel, and took out two new/new to me books. I also bought pill bags for Jonathan, and the Rav Solevitchek Yom Kippur machzor. I used the Rosh HaShanah one and liked it, so now I have the set.

The clerk in the Judaica shop wished me a "gut gebenched yore" - a "good, blessed year." I like that.

I also had lunch because I don't fast on minor fast days.

To do this, I took a subway one stop - well, supposedly one stop but I went two and had to go the other side and go one stop in the other direction. And I took a bus back, but that was annoying. I was waiting for the B68, which is a relatively fast bus. I saw FIVE B11s (not a particularly fast one) turn onto J before FOUR B68s showed up.

I am happy.


As someone who took the B11 home from school for about 7 years, i can tell you that of course if you were waiting for the B11 it wouldn't've shown up.

Good that you got out and got so much done.

I'm glad you got out and accomplished a lot. And that you're happy.

glad you're feeling better.