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Chick Flick


Blair looked up from his paperwork - *his*, all *his*, and turned in Simon's direction. "You bellowed, Captain?"

"Where is that partner of yours?"

"I'm right here." Jim sauntered up, holding a couple of coffee cups. "It's time for Sandburg's afternoon caffeine infusion." He handed both to his partner, who smiled at him. "The one on the right has *extra* sugar."

"Gee, *thanks*, Jim." Blair took a sip and grimaced. "My heart and pancreas thank you." It was purely awful, but he did need the energy.

Simon tapped his fingers on a nearby desk. "If you ladies are *quite* finished...I do need to see you in my office. Now."

Blair exchanged a look with Jim, gathered his two cups of elixir of life and followed Simon into his office, where he took his customary perch on the end of the conference table, dangling his feet as Jim sat next to him, and took one of the coffee cups.

"What's up, Simon?" Jim took a sip. Blair slapped him.

"Settle down." Simon steepled his fingers. "I got some interesting reports about you."

"Reports? I don't understand." He mimed drinking again. Blair settled for glaring at him.

"Reports." Simon sighed. "Someone saw you down on Stonewall Street two nights ago."

"So what if he was? Not that he was, because we were watching a video that night but so what?"

"We were *not* watching a video, Chief. We were watching the Jags. They lost 107-56."

Blair shook his head. "That was truly pathetic, but that wasn't it. That was the night before then. We were watching that...that chick flick, because Megan said it was good. What was it? Something southern."

"I remember the movie. It got all weepy at the end." Jim frowned. "But you still have the night wrong."

"I know I’m right. You made pot roast the night before, so we were eating leftovers." Blair held out his hand, and Jim put the other cup into it.

"Whatever you say, Sandburg." Jim shrugged and turned back to Simon, who was staring at them. "Anyway, we were home that night."

Simon nodded and made a note.

Blair crushed his second cup. "That still doesn't answer my question. What's the big deal about Stonewall Street? It has some good bars and clubs."

"There *is* no problem. Probably someone who looks like your partner. Which, in that part of town, is about 25% of the population. Not to mention the fact that no one looked like you, and we all know you two are surgically joined."

"Remind me to get that taken care of, Chief. Makes it hard to use the john." Jim smirked.

"Ha ha. Oh, speaking of...Captain, Jim needs to take a couple days off next week."

"I do?"

"He does?"

The two men stared at Blair. "What are you talking about, Sandburg?"

"I made you a dental appointment. Finally. I must have talked to half the dentists in Cascade. I had to find one who'd never heard of you."

Jim frowned. "I don't know if I should be relieved or worried. Next week?"

"Yeah, your calendar is pretty free. So is mine, if Simon will give me the days, too." Blair fished a paper appointment book out of his pocket.

"Why does Jim need two days for a dental appointment? And's a Sentinel thing, isn't it?"

"Oh, yeah. He has to be knocked out or he'll..."

"I'll bite the dentist again." Jim grinned with Blair. "I probably only need a cleaning."

"Yeah. He's Mr. Dental Hygiene. We go through more floss..."

"And how was your last checkup? And the root canal afterwards?"

"Cruel, Jim. Just *cruel*. See if I fix you soup after your ordeal. Just see." He laughed.

"Gentlemen...yes, you can both have the two days off. It'll be a relief." Simon took a deep breath. "Okay. You weren't at Club Purple. But, guys, turn it down in public, okay?"

Jim jumped down from the table. "Turn what down?" He turned to Blair, who was also on his feet. "Do you know what he's talking about?"

Blair shook his head. "Simon? What are you talking about?"

"Stop acting*married* in public. That's what gives people ideas."

"Us? Married?" Jim cracked up. He caught Blair's eyes, which set him off. "That' Can you believe it, Sandburg?"

Blair shook his head. "You've been watching too much cable, Simon. Hee! I'll have that report ready for you in about twenty minutes, okay?"

"Go! Just. Go!" Simon shook his head in what looked like despair.

"Come on, Chief." Jim put his hand on the small of Blair's back and they walked out of the office together, closing the door behind them carefully.

They kept walking, past their desks and past the breakroom, still laughing, until they got to an empty interrogation room.

"You think that threw him off the track?" Jim sat down in a chair, Blair on his lap.

"He doesn't know where to look now. That should work for awhile. But. We'll have to be more careful about visiting the girls on Stonewall."

Jim nodded. "But we *were* watching the Jags that night."

He grinned and kissed him on the lips. "You are *so* wrong, Ellison. Which is why I love you."

"I thought you loved me for my pot roast." Jim returned the kiss with enthusiasm.

Outside the room, Simon looked through the one-way glass and shook his head.

[The End]

Tell me if you have a better title.

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