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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Didn't do much until late afternoon, but *did* call the second therapist.

I'm seeing her tomorrow afternoon. Step by step...

I also got what I need for dinner (shakshuka, but I "cheat" by using salsa for the tomato sauce) plus breakfast standards. And I bought plates for sukkot. Instead of using paper, we're going to be using thick plastic plates that are lightweight and unbreakable. This way we can wash and reuse them instead of tossing them. We already use regular flatware instead of plastic. This is NOT going to be our Pesach solution, btw. One of the reasons we use disposable plates for Pesach is because we don't want to wash dishes after midnight, but that's not a problem for Sukkot.

In other news, I just rewrote a sizeable fraction of the current story. Without going into too much detail, this a story "purchased" at a charity auction - the winner pledged so much money to a specific charity and in return, I'll write what she wants. (Note - I don't think I'll do this again. This is the second time I've entered such an auction, and this is the second time my ego took a major bruising. While I had over a hundred people *look* at my offering, only two people actually bid. Which is better than the first time, when I got ONE bid. Yes, it's for a good cause, but, well. It still hurts.)

She asked for a situation that...how do I explain it? Isn't a squick by any means, but also isn't a kink. In fact, while I won't stop reading a story with this situation, I also won't start one where it's the major plot point. It holds no interest for me. (Fortunately, she was fine with it being a small part in a larger story. She's also fine with the fact that this IS the holiday season, so it might take awhile, even as fast as I write.)

I got the story more or less plotted - I keep rewriting it - and even expended, oh, a paragraph on the situation when I looked at her request again. And she very specifically wanted a dynamic that I'd avoided. And in rewriting the scene to include that dynamic, it got rid of a very silly scene, expanded to far more than a paragraph, demonstrated some character and improved things. So, this is very good.


While I had over a hundred people *look* at my offering, only two people actually bid.

1 active per 100 passive viewers is about the norm online (at least this is what I hear from my friends in the marketing industry!), usually if the activity in question has to do with paying money it's even less, so this is a good ratio I'd say!

BTW a magazine I help run is constantly on the lookout for good Jewish-themed original speculative fiction (there is SO little of it!!!), you should give it a try - it's Expanded Horizons. (Note - I don't do submissions, I'm the tech person.) Flat fee of $30 per story, I think that's decent (I'm not responsible for that either, though. I just mangle the website. :D )

Not to continue the complaint, but there were people with far fewer views who got more bids. In fact, I had one of the worst ratios. It's disheartening. (Of course, I'm working very hard on that story. It was just an indication of my status as a writer in that fandom.)

Thank you. I'll think about this. I haven't written original Jewish themed fiction yet.

I haven't written original Jewish themed fiction yet.

Well you'd be one of my prime candidates for writing it! Lots of experience both with writing and with Judaism :p If you need me to harass encourage you, I'm here with my cheerleader pom poms!