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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
More progress?

Poor Jonathan is getting increasingly frustrated. I don't blame him. I'm frustrated, too. And it's kinda hard to convince someone she's not useless when the person she pays to clean her house for her is doing the kitchen. Ah, well.

So. When my cleaning person left, I left, too, for my first appointment with Dr. F. I like her well enough, and I think we had a good discussion, but oh, did I ramble and ramble and ramble. However, she got the fanfiction thing, which was cool. And she even got how much I like living by a rule book AND how much world building means to me, so that works.

Then I stopped by Barnes and Noble and had a coffee and read most of the latest Fables TP, and got stuff for dinner. Tomorrow - shopping and laundry.

And my story is coming along as well. Life is far from perfect, but maybe it's improving.


at least it's life, yeah? i just finished watching all of spn - that was fun. in a keeping-my-mind-busy sort of way. it sounds like you're doing okay. not great, but coping.

i have a supernatural plotbunny. any chance you'd be willing to let me bounce ideas off you? i guess it would depend on how you feel about the winchesters, though...

Bounce away. I love the Winchester brothers, and I've read a lot of Winchester fic. I even have a crossover bunny. :)

what kind of crossover bunny? i'm thinking criminal minds/supernatural, which has been done...

AI, of course (which has also been done, but not in this really obvious way.) Adam DOES sing classic rock insanely well, and I think he could make Dean rethink his sexuality. Which would probably do interesting things with Sam. :)

on another topic, i don't know if i should say anything... about the situation with alex and, well, stuff. i feel like i should apologize, and i kinda think you are, or should be angry with me, but i'm not trying to make it be about me... am i making any sense at all?

Sweetie, we are NOT angry with you. I'm a tad angry at Alex (and my husband actually blames Sarah Palin - not kidding) but we recognize what you were trying to do and we knew such a thing could happen.

It's not your fault at all.

ooo! i can totally see dean and adam :)

Wouldn't they be pretty?

for years, whenever anything went wrong at our place, we blamed george w - but now i think we'll blame sarah palin for it all! stove broken? sarah did it! cat missed the catbox? must've been sarah!

what a lovely thought...

And it's kinda hard to convince someone she's not useless when the person she pays to clean her house for her is doing the kitchen

This is so true. I've been stuggling with this poblem for years. May Dr. F help.

For Ghu's sake, my mother has always had a cleaning lady. She's far from useless. Nor has she had a full-time job since she was pregnant with me. And the one who should be cleaning the kitchen is me, not you, and I leave more stuff for the cleaning lady the night before than I probably should.

I hope you are feeling better soon. There's nothing wrong with having a cleaning person and you're definitely not useless!

I hope things go well with Dr. F.