Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Yom Kippur

Not my best fast, but far from my worst - my worst was when I had to break it in the afternoon. I did get a bit lightheaded by 2PM - I'd stood for both repetitions, except I sat for the Avodah (the description of the Holy Temple Service by the High Priest). But I had a two hour nap at home and that helped.

The Rav machzor was very heavy, but I enjoyed using it. I did decide to read the confessions in English, and I really felt them, so that was good. I also had a tearful chat with my late father during the Yizkor prayer (I always talk to my dad during yizkor. This is when I feel closest to him. No, he doesn't answer. At least, not out loud or in any way I could hear.)

All in all, a good Yom Kippur. May you all have blessed next twelve months with all and only good things.
Tags: yom tov 5770

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