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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Yom Tov and other things

We could not put up our sukkah today. There was no one home at the landlady's to open the garage (their garage, but they let us store our sukkah there.) So we purchased our lulav and etrogim instead. We now have three of the four species - we'll buy the willow branches on Friday because they go bad so fast.

And, I now have a functional intercom/doorbell. I haven't had one of those since before Passover! I can get deliveries! People don't have to phone us to tell us they're at the door! YAY! This is as of ten minutes ago. Funny tone to the bell, but that's about it.


Yay for doorbell! Ours is semi functional at best, and tends to broadcast or chirp depending on how the settings are configured.

I hope you get to put up your sukkah soon!

BTW, funny question, are you seeing etrogs packed in flax or in bubble plastic? I'm collecting etrog flax for a friend, so any possible sources are appreciated.

I haven't seen flax in a couple of years. Ours are in foam rubber.

It seems to have disappeared from the sukkot landscape. I wonder if it suddenly became cheaper to make the plastic containers?


Cardboard and foam rubber in this neck of the woods.