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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Miniconstruction is done. It still needs lights, furniture and decoration, but the structure is up. YAY! (And it was lovely, bright and sunny right up until we finished, and then it got cloudy. Perfect.)


Lucky you -- I was hoping we could do it this morning (my husband's flu having interfered with previous plans), but we appear to be having a series of thunderstorms, and since our sukkah frame is metal poles... um, no. ("Chance of large hail" also sounds ominous.) Barring a sudden visit from the Sunshine Fairy, I guess we'll be racing Shabbat tomorrow afternoon. :|

I love it when weather cooperates like that!

Unfortunately, they're predicting rain for most of the weekend. We'll be lucky to get more than one meal in the sukkah all yom tov.

Glad to hear it! Have a great Sukkos, if I don't talk to you first.

Yay! I hope to be able to say the same by the end of the day...

And chag sameach.

Chag Sameach. I got ours up yesterday while Ailsa was out for a doctor appointment.

Have a good Sukkos, and will read from you next week. And the article from Princeton was most informative.