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Sukkot - the First Days

The weather was very cooperative here in New York. The rain didn't start until late Friday night, which meant we could have dinner without problems. (Dinner was turkey stew, btw.) We even had time to visit our neighbors in their sukkah and have some Scotch. We do this every year. It's nice.

We had a lunch invitation, and there the rain held off until we were ready for dessert, so we said the blessing after meals and went inside and had dessert there as the rain came down. I got a bit overwhelmed - bunch of young couples and I just felt out of place, but we wanted to wait until it slackened off. It stopped on the way home.

And then we had a problem. See, we had friends coming for dinner, but ONLY if it wasn't raining. Normally, if you invite guests to your sukkah, and it rains, it's not a problem. You just go inside, since you don't need to eat in the sukkah if it's raining. However, in this case, one of the guests is in a wheelchair and we live in a second floor walkup. So we arranged that if it rained, they'd stay home. We'd actually had lunch with them that day, so, you know. We did get a chance to be with them.

However, the weather was kind and the rain stopped. And, despite the political argument and the logistical problem of getting S into the sukkah, it was nice. The thing was, our sukkah table was broken. We borrowed one from our landlady, but it's very long which meant there was less room for the wheelchair. In fact, the way it was finally arranged, I was the only mobile one. Which was fine.

Dinner? Salad, pepper steak and roasted potatoes. They brought kokosh cake.

Today was gorgeous. We went to shul, we waved our lulvs and etrogim for the first time (can't do it on Shabbat) and then we had a bit of comedy of errors. See, we were to go to friends for lunch, with me bringing the kugels. But we thought they went to one shul that ends late when they really went to another that ended when our did. So we waited a bit before taking the kugels out of the oven and walking to them. And they? Had time to take naps and the kids' grandmother had had lunch and gone upstairs, and we met the mother and the daughter on the way coming to get us. Ah, well.

They loved the kugels - one salt and pepper noodle kugel I'd baked in muffin tins and one very large potato kugel. And I paid Debby the grandmother a visit.

And we just finished watching SNL now.
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