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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Reporting again

Went to the shrink. She reduced her fees, so it's much better.

We discussed how I have difficulty accepting anything good about myself. Which, well. I can cook. :) And, sometimes, write. So those are good things, right?


Well, yeah, but those are your comfort zones. Can you accept good things about yourself in other arenas?

Sometimes. Maybe.

You also knit beautiful things.

Yeah, I should do more of that. After chol hamoed.

Thank you.

And you bring joyful exuberance to any social occasion, even when you are down.

And you are hospitable to guests and friendly to all.

And you're a very kind person.

And you give selflessly of your time & effort.

You are consistently, lovingly there for people who need you. Even if we haven't spoken in years, I will count you as a friend for the rest of my life, because you were *there* for me when I needed you. I remember seeing you for the first time in the hallway at the con, and *knowing* you. You're my friend, you're my big sister.

Your writing is wonderful, your cooking sounds fabulous though I've never had the blessing of experiencing it, and I've seen some of your knitting which is gorgeous.

But the best part of you is your heart.