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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Progress of a different sort

I got mad today. Really, really angry. It doesn't matter what about, except it was something I had no control over, but it affected me and my dinner guests.

I was still seething when a friend of mine pinged me on AIM. She needed help for an application to a volunteer organization. I had some time. I know I helped her - I managed to elicit the information she already had so she could write about it. And in that process, I calmed down enough to let the anger go.

My guests arrived and I told them this - I'd already spoken to the husband while I was still angry and he could sense it, so I felt I had to tell them why I was better. As it happens, they run a nonprofit dedicated to improving accessibility for disabled members of the Orthodox Jewish community. And they immediately asked me if I wanted to volunteer to help them.

I rattled off a resume.

It's not paid work, but they said they might ask me to put out a newsletter. And I told them I needed set hours, an office to go to and a firm deadline - which I do. But I've DONE newsletters. No, it's not cooking and no, I won't be with people, but I also wouldn't be doing nothing all day and I would be helping. We very much believe in this organization and its goals. And we've been talking about me doing volunteer work.



Sounds good!

Progress is right. Maybe this will also lead to something paid.

Sounds like a wonderful thing to do. I know a couple of people who are volunteering right now because they can't find jobs -- I HATE this economy -- and they report it's definitely improved their spirits just getting out of their houses/apartments.

Hopefully this will be a win/win for everyone. Good for you!:)