Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Final Night in the Sukkah

I guess I didn't post yesterday. So.

This is Jonathan's birthday week - his Hebrew birthday is second day Sukkot (when we had friends over for dinner and lunch at a friend's sukkah) and his English birthday is this coming Monday.

This year, Columbus Day is actually ON Columbus Day. How cool is that?

So, birthday week. I made steak for dinner. I found these very nice, thinly cut bone-in rib steaks, to serve with baked potatoes and brussels sprouts. Jonathan found my facsimile Mrs Beeton's just at random, and when I opened it, equally at random, there was her recipe for brussels sprouts. Mine is simpler - clean and microwave. They were perfect. I like my veggies VERY simple - nothing more than salt.

Since there was no grain product in the meal, I thought we might eat inside (technically, the mitzvah is only for complete meals, which include bread. But we didn't have bread with the lasagna, either.) However, the night was nice and it would be our last chance for a full meal, so we went down to the sukkah. Everything was yummy and it was pleasant enough that we didn't rush upstairs.

Today, I prepare for the final holiday weekend. We will make kiddush in the sukkah if it doesn't rain, but the rest of the meal will be upstairs. And Saturday night starts Simchat Torah, which is simultaneously the happiest, most joyful night of the Jewish calendar AND my father's tenth yarzheit.

Which makes it the MOST difficult night of MY calendar.
Tags: yom tov 5770

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