Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Apologies, eh?

Dear Tom, sorry for killing you in my very first story.

Dear Harry, sorry for the drug addiction. Also for killing you.

Dear Chakotay, sorry for killing Tom and for the spousal abuse. And the rape. Not sorry for Tuvok, though.

Dear Tuvok, sorry for Palan. Not sorry for Chak.

Dear Mulder: Sorry for killing you twice (or was it three times?) and for various assorted injuries.

Dear Krycek: sorry for the emotional abuse and the suicide thing.

Dear Blair: sorry for all the stuff I've done to your brain and for killing you.

Dear Jim: sorry for the AIDS and the suicide and the rape (well, that's still in limbo.)

Dear Methos: sorry for the weird pairings (they weren't my idea!) and the bad beer.

Dear all the slashboys: sorry for neglecting you lately. I still love you, I do.
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