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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Saw my therapist this morning at way-too-early.

She said I was a very different person this morning than last week. I was all bright and happy and bubbly. Funny, that. :) We decided on a new time for our appointment - Wed at 2PM. I LOVE my hours.

Making chicken breast filet, sweet potato kugel and peas for Shabbos. Chicken and potatoes are cooking now. They smell done, so I'll take them out and let them cool. Then I'll skin the sweets and mash them with oil, beaten eggs, salt and nutmeg and bake them again. Easy.

I have to go to shul early tomorrow, as we have both a bar mitzvah and an aufruf tomorrow. "Aufruf" means we're honoring a bridegroom before his wedding. The shul will be crowded with two sets of friends and relatives. Sunday is the wedding at 12 and the bar mitzvah party at five.

David the bridegroom was talking about hiring a bus to bring his guests to David the bar mitzvah boy's party. Yeah, both named David. And, yes, we're going to both.

Jonathan has, in fact, been honored with eid tenaimim, witness to a ceremony before the wedding itself where the parents pledge to bring their children to the appointed place at the appointed time. This is very easy to accomplish, since they are already there. :)