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Two simchas and a first day

Sunday we had a marathon - a wedding and a bar mitzvah. There was also a big breakfast to celebrate the bar mitzvah, but we missed that.


David and Ruthie got married. David's a law student from Wisconsin (with an interesting background). Ruthie is an entertainment accountant from Brooklyn with a large and friendly family. They've had several meals at our table and will continue to do so, I hope, even though they're moving to Manhattan. HER family is still in Brooklyn, as are their two best friends.

The wedding was called for twelve. Brilliantly, yesterday (and today) is a New Moon, the start of the Jewish month. That means NO FASTING for the bride and groom, something traditionally done. So they could eat. Also brilliantly but on another note, they provided coffee for the bride's reception. I took care to limit what I ate, knowing what would be ahead,but I did have a cup of coffee AND I got a shot of the yummiest Scotch - Rintoul. Oh, so delicious. A lot of people from the synagogue were there, all talking about the bar mitzvah to come and if they'll change. Also people I knew from the neighborhood - mostly friends of the bride's family. Jonathan was asked to be a witness to a prewedding ceremony, so he disappeared for a while, to return with the rest of the men dancing the groom in to put the veil over the bride's face.

David *cried*. So sweet.

Then we all (me still with my scotch) filed into the chuppah room. I sat in a row of other women from my shul and shared my drink. The wedding party all walked in to show tunes. The women all wore a lovely shade of purple but chose their own dress, so they all looked good. The funniest thing was the couple who introduced them (also friends of ours) walking in to "Matchmaker, Matchmaker." And one woman carried a baby boy in a tuxedo instead of a bouquet. A sleeping baby boy. :) The bride and her parents walked down to "Some Enchanted Evening." This is because their first date was seeing that musical, and he took her again the day he proposed.

And David? Couldn't stay still one moment under the chuppah. He laughed and shuckled and oh, so cute. And he hugged his parents, too. Our rabbi led the wedding, and gave a lovely speech about their Biblical names.

After the ceremony, we all went back to the reception area and found our tables - we were with other shul people. Always fine - it's eating with family. It took so long to get to the soup that David and Ruthie came into the room before our table was served. No loss. We were on the wrong side of the mechitzah for the women, so I went to the side and started dancing around and around in circles. Eventually, a second circle broke out for the mothers. Usually, there are two, one for each, but this time David's mother didn't have enough friends/family to make one for her and anyway, this was not something she was used to. Ruthie's mother took center stage and that was fine. Eventually, something happend with bride's circle and Ruthie's mother left. I took advantage of that to take David's mother into the center of our circle and dance with her. Others took my place, too, and I could tell she was tired but loving it.

Mother of the groom gets honored, too. And we love David.

Then we were summoned back to our seats for the main course. I delibrately only ate half of mine. David seranaded Ruthie with "Woman of Valor" and then "Some Enchanted Evening." I know exactly how she feels. Exactly. (Love you, Jonathan!)

I had another cup of coffee and did a little more dancing for the second set, and then we, like the other members of our synagogue, were off.

Bar Mitzvah

We took a car from the wedding to the bar mitzvah. Where there was yet another buffet and tables set for another sit-down meal. We sighed. Again, we were at a shul table - this time the rabbi and his wife joined us. Nice conversation over the music. There was dancing and speeches and a candle-lighting ceremony and it was weird seeing the same people, but not all in the same clothes. And I only hate half my entree again.

I also started a baby sock because I needed to do some decompressing. Yes, I had my knitting with me.

And I drank wine soda - moscato di asti - sweet, sparkling and low alcohol. Yick.

First Day

NOT blogging the job, but today was mostly intro - menus and shopping lists and no cooking. Turned the heel on the sock. Also took the wrong bus to the main office to do paperwork. Tomorrow, I COOK!

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