Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


My mother is in the hospital. She's been there since Friday night and we don't know how much longer they'll keep her.

She's been having trouble breathing for a couple of weeks - been in and out of doctor's offices and the emergency room during that time. Friday, they decided to admit her.

Note - she quit smoking almost 46 years ago. She and Daddy believed the surgeon general's report.

I called her last night. She sounded alert and awake, but a little rough. They'd just given her steroids and were going to give her a CAT scan. Also, at 1AM (as I just found out from my brother), they tested her for blood clots, just to rule them out. But it scared her because there was talk of ICU.

My brother now knows that if Mom goes to the ICU, he CALLS me. If it's not Shabbat, I can get a zipcar and be out there within an hour. And that I will listen to my answering machine on Shabbat and pick up if it's an emergency.

This morning, she feels a lot better (Thank Gd!) and they're going to start her on antibiotics. But her lungs are very congested - enough that the physical therapist felt them. My brother thinks that it is, in fact, pneumonia and not just bronchitis.

Her husband will not leave her side. I do love Lenny.

Batya Rachel bat Chana for those so inclined to pray.
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