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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
New toy!

First - mom is home, and feeling better. She's on antibiotics and prednisone. My stepfather has given up bowling for the time being. :)

Second, I just got my EZReader, which is an e-reader along the lines of Sony or Kindle. It reads a lot of formats, including pdf, html and .doc, so it's perfect as a fanfic reader. I'm charging it now. Then I start uploading fic! And free books from Project Gutenberg.


Please let us know your thoughts on it. I'm using the Sony E-Reader from work right now, but I fear I'll have to give it back if he gets us all I-Touches. I must have a reader of my own :D

shay has a kindle, which she loves, and i like, but i could consider something else... can you change the text color? on either of those?

No. Both employ something called "e-ink" technology, which reproduces the look and contrast of ink on paper, like real books. Makes them easier to read.

Deb, I had an EZ Reader when I was a kid!

He looked something like this:

Good news about your mom!

My smartphone can handle enough formats that I feel no need for a separate e-reader. I can has fanfic, Project Gutenberg,& lots of other good stuff anywhere, anywhen