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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I made a really good cholent. This means something since I make cholents maybe once a year and they're usually bad. This came out yummy. I think soaking the beans is key. Also ketchup.

We had guests for lunch - a family of five, with three small kids. The boys loved my comics (so much that the parents are going to look into using comics as reading aids.) Riva loved my book on plumbing. *Shrug*. I gave them free rein in my book room.

I had the challenge of not using onions because the mother doesn't like the texture. Instead of gefilte fish, I made a tuna salad with celery, using a combination, as I always do, of light and white tuna. There were onions in the cholent, but nowhere else. And the kids, picky as kids always are, ate. I'd forgotten dessert, but the ice pops we had worked fine.

My mother is doing well. And I didn't write on Friday because I cooked all of this Friday afternoon, after cooking shabbos at work, too.

I love my job.


Oh, I love cholent. Glad you made a nice one.

I used to make tuna salad with dried onions, it worked better for me.

Glad to hear your mother is doing well.

Soaking the beans is pretty key to a good cholent, yeah -- I don't tend to use ketchup in mine, but I've liked the ones I've had with ketchup in. What else did you put in it?

Pretty standard, I think. Cholent mix beans, beef cheeks, chopped onions and carrots and potatoes, plus peppercorns and bay leaves, and ketchup.