Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


Mom continues to improve.

Today was meeting day - I had a board meeting in the morning, and Jonathan had a steering committee for an organization he's involved with in the afternoon. I sort of hung around but mostly I had nosh available and then we took three of the members - college age boys - to dinner. They were all so TALL. And broke! We ended up treating them.

I did make a change of sorts. When we bought the laptop, we also bought a carrying case - one of those over the shoulder bags? And I found it awkward and uncomfortable and the strap didn't go over my body comfortably.

So I just got a sleeve, and now I can carry it in my backpack. MUCH better. I could have purchased a laptop backpack, but mine is perfectly good, so why get a new one? I take hte laptop to the board meetings for the minutes, so it's necessary to have a way of carrying it.

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