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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I JUST got home now. That's meaningful if you know that my hours are 10AM-1PM. (Just means 4:10PM, btw.) Why? Because they asked me if I minded doing the shopping.

Mind? MIND? I couldn't have been happier! I get to shop? I get to pick my own supplies? Yes, please! They paid for my car service, and they have an account at the supermarket, and I'm very reasonable (fresh, good food doesn't have to be costly. Mine ISN'T.) I was practically bouncing!

But it meant a half hour wait for the car service, and then I had lunch and then shopping and I had to go to the library, and I had coffee, so I got home on the late side.

Oh, and I also learned that if you want attention, just carry an eBook reader with you. Last night at the restaurant, and today in the home, in the pizza shop and on the bus, people kept asking me questions. Hanlin owes me a commission.

And I DO love it. Light weight, easy to work and stuffed full of fanfiction. YAY!


Score! Buying your own stuff is way better than relying on other folks to make choices for you.

A bit off topic, but happy birthday! :-)