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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Yesterday and Today

Didn't post yesterday. I'm sorry.

I was hit with something at work yesterday. Not the food itself - they all LOVE that. But they want me to make MORE. They want me to stuff the freezer with large amounts of food. And they seemed disappointed that I hadn't been - but who knew? I thought I was just making DINNER, you know? And that meant rethinking everything, which is not easy for me to do. I can cook in quantity. It may not be as good, but of course I can. But I need to KNOW because messing with my routine messes with my head big time.

So, today I made enough chicken ziti for four days. Tomorrow, I make meat loaf for five. And so on.

My mother is doing well.

And I've also discovered an advantage to wearing a bib apron. I've been wearing aprons over my regular clothing for work because a chef's coat looks a bit pretentious, practical though it is. You want to know how practical? I have seen a 17th C picture of a chef. And he's wearing a white, double-breasted coat and an apron tied in front. Because a double-breasted coat made of a heavy material make life safer and easier in the kitchen, and then you can rebutton it to cover dirt, too. But I'm not wearing mine.

I am wearing bib aprons, though. I'm washing posts and peeling potatoes and there's all sorts of reasons I'm happier with a bib apron. But it's also proving very practical beyond the keeping clothes clean/dry thing. I like listening to my mp3 player, using earphones that hook over my ears individually. They also each hook nicely into the the top of the bib if I want them to. (The player itself I clip onto my apron string as it goes round my front, with the earphone wire going under the bib to keep it out of the way.) I also clip my Sharpie marker and my pen to the top of the bib. If I had my chef's coat, I'd have them in the pen pocket on the sleeve, but this works REALLY well.

I just bought five more aprons ($1.99 slightly irregular at a discount store.) Because I'd rather have that many white ones.


Wow, that's a lot of work. I'm glad it seems like you're enjoying it though.

What are they doing with all of that extra food? I mean, in case you call in sick it's great to have backup, but still, you gotta wonder.

Weekends. Sick days. Staff meals. Insurance.

Yeah, that makes sense.

In the very brief period where my parents hadn't sorted out how to handle my mother going back to work, we had a local housekeeper, and she would come in every day from 5 to 7 and put up food for dinner. But she would also leave us quiches and other easily reheatable foods for her days off, etc. so this makes sense to me.

Are you doing full circle skirt bib aprons, or only in front?


Happy birthday, and I'm so happy to hear you found work. May Hashem keep sending parnassah to all of us.