Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


I watched the series finale of Oz tonight...

I don't know what to think just yet. I really don't.

Cyril is dead. I'm not surprised. I cried. I cried two weeks ago when it didn't happen, and I cried more when it did, because he was so scared and so confused and had no idea what was going on.

Hoyt is dead. I felt nothing.

Schillinger is dead. I knew it was going to happen, and I figured out how, and it did happen that way. And he was a fascinating character, but he was evil. And so I was ambivalent.

Keller is dead. I...wasn't sure. That he's dead isn't so much of a surprise. That Beecher *isn't*...that is a surprise. That he seems to have killed himself...

Yeah. That's more in character than I first thought. He's always willing to kill for Beecher, even if Beecher doesn't want him to. Pretty much all of his killing since coming to Oz was for Beecher in one form or another. This is just...
one more.

And Alverez was so pretty in Torquemada's arms. I'm just saying.

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