Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Friday and Shabbos

This cooking in volume thing is not easy - on Friday I washed, peeled and hand-grated ten pounds of potatoes, which produced four 8x8 trays of potato kugel. YUMMY potato kugel, but still.

Which is why MY OWN Shabbos dinner featured a purchased one.

I need to get used to the very early Shabboses. Remember that in my previous job, I didn't work on Thursdays and Fridays so it wasn't that much of a challenge, but now I'm working both days. I need to get in the habit of cooking on Thursday night.

Today is a lovely day, so we will FINALLY take down the rest of our sukkah. We were waiting for a day with the right combination of things - dryness and lack of other stuff to do. Today is it.

And I signed up for Yuletide. Wasn't sure if I was, but I just did. Yay.

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