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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Yesterday and Today

Yesterday, I made braised chicken and vegetables. I LOVE braised chicken.

One of the residents, Mischa, was home. He's having problems with his feeding tube, so they're getting that checked out. But he's perfectly fine eating (ground up) food by mouth so he's okay. And he has the most gorgeous smile!

He likes watching Jerry Springer and Maury Povich, and their ilk, so that's what was on the tv while I cooked (normally, I leave it off. I prefer listening to my MP3 player.) DNA paternity tests on one, feuding sisters and oil fighting (OIL FIGHTING) on the other. And then a pregnant fifteen year old on a third.

Which is pretty much why I like listening to my music player.

Today I made burgers (mixed with grated onion and flavorings and baked) plus rice.

Tomorrow, one hopes, all my groceries will have arrived. Also, I'm going to a second kitchen in the afternoon to make THEM dinner. I'm very pleased.


I'm so glad you hear that you're still loving the job.

burgers, yum!

Love burgers. Hate the fried, fatty aftertaste. So, how do you make baked burgers that actually taste good?


Re: burgers, yum!

I hope they tasted good. I don't eat most of what I cook these days.

The best way to not get that "fried, fatty after taste?"?

Start with lean meat. I like combining extra lean with ground round. Combining it with onions gives it moisture and flavor, but I'm good with just freshly ground pepper.

When I cook them at home, I use a frying pan. Non-stick is good, but just a smooth surface is fine. Get it hot. Get it VERY hot. Get it so hot you can feel the heat when you hold your hand over it. Put the burgers into the hot, DRY pan. Flip them quickly. You want to get a nice, brown crust. This will not seal the burgers AT ALL, but will make them delicious. Turn down the heat and cover if necessary until they're your desired degree of doneness. They will not taste fatty OR fried.

In the oven, I do prefer to sear them off on top of the stove first. Then bake at 450.