Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Last three days

These were EXTREMELY busy, which is why I've been remiss in posting.

Wednesday, I was asked to cook dinner for a different group home. First, though, I had to cook on Ocean Ave, which was very difficult because my groceries had NOT arrived. Fortunately, the freezer is stuffed full AND last week I'd boned out some chicken legs, and frozen the bones. So I made the special chicken soup for Mendy - no veg, just herbs. Then I went to my therapist in Park Slope. And then I went to 34th St. Where I cooked for the next 3.5 hours. In that time, I made split pea soup (with turkey), potato kugel, meat loaf and a pasta sauce. I took a car service home and we had leftovers for dinner.

This was basically an audition. If they liked what I cooked, I'll be cooking there more often. I still don't know the outcome. I did enjoy myself - the residents there are high-functioning young men, charming and sweet, and the counselors were fun to talk to.

Yesterday, I also finally met Mendy, who had Veteran's Day off from school. He's very sweet and loves hugs.

I hadn't been that tired since my externship - my feet hurt so much that I couldn't walk in stocking feet. I needed more cushioning. (Oh, in case anyone's wondering, all this walking around is showing. I'm visibly smaller. I'm also eating a lot less. So, while the formula is NOT perfect, as the body does adapt over time, I am doing the classic diet without actually dieting - I'm not hungry or bored, so I'm not eating.)

Yesterday, there STILL wasn't any groceries and now I had nothing to cook, and there was cooking to do. So I went out and got some, which took some time. (I was given money.) I cooked for Mendy (including poached chicken which actually tastes GOOD) and for the others - chicken cutlets and roasted potatoes. With the extra food and the shopping and a conference with the nurse, who wants me to design a new menu for Mendy, I ended up being there an extra two hours.

Today, I left on time. Chicken cutlets in duck sauce, sweet potato kugel, gefilte fish, vegetable-pasta soup, and cole slaw. I asked the young husband who, with his wife, stays there on Shabbat, to taste the kugel before I added the eggs because, with my lack of sweet tooth, I thought it tasted perfect. Avi thought it needed more sugar. I added sugar. It still tasted fine.

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