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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

When I got into work this morning, I met the manager of the house I cooked for last week - the "audition". The boys LOVED my food, but he was dealing with a real crisis and cooks were low on the list.

I understood that. And when I was alone, I bounced. :)

Later on, I'd stayed late to make extra fish and chicken for the diabetic boy Mendy, and a bunch of staff came in for a meeting and we chatted a bit. And it turns out that Mendy had been fighting his food - not wanting to eat it.

He's not fighting his food anymore.

And another boy, Mischa, who has a bad appetite, asked for seconds last night. The seconds made him ill, because he doesn't eat, but still. Wow.

Honestly, people, I couldn't ask for higher praise.


That's truly excellent. I'm really glad you have that to be proud of.


Hopefully over time Mischa's body will get used to food again enough that it won't make him sick to have seconds.

Do you have any control over the portion size? Maybe you can give him small seconds so that he can get them but not overtax his gut?

This is so awesome. Just totally... awesome.


High praise indeed!

Now I want to invite you over to cook for Joshua. :D

I'm so pleased this is working out for you.

that's lovely. How very nice it must all make you feel.

Isn't it awesome to cook for people who love what you prepare?

Glad to hear that the boys are enjoying your food and you're enjoying your job.