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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Last few days

I was late to my therapist for the second time in two weeks. She's going to try to get me a later appointment.

Why was I late? Because I had to have a conference with Michelle the nurse about Mendy's new diet. Which starts tomorrow,and which, among other things, entails me making desserts.

I don't do desserts. I don't bake and I don't do sweet very often. We tried googling things, but the only one that worked for both of us was a bread pudding, which actually sounded lovely. I do want what I make to have some nutrition too, like a carrot cake or an applesauce cake. He should have pleasant carbs but he also should get value for it.

I do love that I'm involved in this and that I'm trusted for this.

Anyway, I bought a diabetic dessert cookbook and we'll see what works.

In other news, the cleaning lady found my MOUSE - my wonderful wireless optical laptop mouse with the tiny little dongle, the one that works just fine on my bed. I've been using the glidepad for the past two weeks. I feel like I've been reprieved.


Can you use a bread that's whole wheat or even Ezekiel Bread to make bread pudding?

Also, the dining commons served a BP yesterday that was full of apples. Not apple compote, but chunks of granny smith mixed in before baking. Very nummy.

Good luck on the dessert making!

I can't improvise with this at all. Mendy's blood sugar is not under control at all, so we have to keep track of every carbohydrate unit, even if we're increasing them. So I have to follow this recipe to the letter.

I'm not skilled in computing carbohydrates in recipes. Yet.


Is the computing more complicated than dividing the total amount of carbohydrates added by the number of servings?

It's actually determining the total number of carbohydrates in the recipe itself.

There are computer programs to help you calculate carbs. The one I use is payware; I don't know if there is anything both simple and free out there. My program pulls information from the USDA database and scales it appropriately.

Can I rec: baked apple w/brown sugar Splenda? It's amazing. If fats aren't an issue, you can add a pat of margarine or butter to the cored middle and make it even better. :) Raisins in the middle are good, too.

Buckwheat is very good healthy fiber, high in protein and a good substitute for regular wheat. Two buckwheat waffles w/sugar-free Log Cabin (the one with Splenda is best, taste-wise) are guilt-free indulgence. They taste fantastic, too.

Just an fyi - best of luck with the diet.