Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


Yes, I've been bad.

What have I been up to the last couple of weeks?

1. I helped to revise and implement Mendy's new diet. It's a major change - he's getting twice as much protein and vegetables as well as a big boost in carbohoydrates (and corresponding increase in insulin.) He needs all of it - poor kid was starving.

I got to be there while he ate lunch today. He resisted but it turned out not to be the food (he ate all of it), just that he is perfectly able to take a loaded spoon of food to his mouth with only a little help to get it started and therefore why should anyone else do it for him? Can't blame him for that.

2. I attended the agency Chanukah party, with a genuine Vegas magician, who was absolutely lovely with the individuals. I also got to meet Mendy's mom, who is a sweet and capable lady. And everyone is apparently talking about the new cook. Yay. It got rather claustrophobic there, especially after they set up a woman's side in the boy's dayroom (for the magician's performance.) I hung out in the hallway instead. And I got a ride partway home.

3. We had the synagogue Chanukah party on Saturday night, where I again hung out in the hallway, but that's because I was the gatekeeper and collected money. The party is geared towards kids, so I was perfectly happy there, so long as people fetched me soda and pizza. I also bought a lovely new necklace from Marina, who makes and sells jewelry, donating a portion of the proceeds to the shul. I get a lot of my necklaces from her.

4. We went to the family Chanukah party Sunday. This wasn't the big one, which seems to be falling apart - no one with a house big enough to host it is willing to do so. This was just us, the in-laws and jonbaker's brother and sister-in-law and their daughters. The nieces got most of the gifts, of course. In fact, they were showered with gifts from both Grandma and Grandpa, and Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Debbie. Jonathan also gave gifts to the other adults (including me. He got me a bunch of random books and he's giving them to me at random times during Chanukah. Jonathan is getting steak and latkes tonight.)

Of course, being childless, we didn't get any presents ourselves. Blah.

5. I had menorah problems. I havea lovely, graceful beaded chanukiyah with small and close-together branches, but until this year I had no problems finding oil cups that fit. This year, nope. So, Friday I relied on Jonathan's lighting, Saturday, I used some old/bent candles and last night I lit at the inlaws (one menorah per family.) Today, I bought a "Saf-T-Menorah", which is an oil menorah designed to be very stable, with flat bottomed oil-cups. It's not pretty, but it works. It's what Jonathan has used for years. Aslo, it turns out that lighting under the venitian blinds all these years? Melted them. I lit in the kitchen tonight. Opposite a mezuzah, though.

Today's menu -

At the group home - split pea soup made with turkey necks, Chinese style chicken, brown rice.

At home - prime rib, latkes, applesauce, green beans.

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