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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
okay, so.

I've been bad. But I have started something good.

I'm writing in my cooking blog again. http://mamadeb.wordpress.com/

I'm calling the new posts "Working Cook", and I've made several.

Otherwise - My mother is fine. There was no blockage. It was a false alarm. I am so very grateful. I saw her on Sunday when I returned her car. I also saw both stepbrothers and the family of one of them. And my brother drove me home. We played with his Sirius radio all the way. It was fun.

Less fun was Monday, when we attended a funeral for a fannish friend. Rest in Peace, Mike Moslow, and know your fannish family was there for Naomi.


I'm glad your mom is ok! and that you're writing in your blog again...I'd stopped checking it because it had been so long.

I'm not sure how interesting it will be, but it makes me feel good to do it.

And I'm glad about Mom, too. Thank you!

I like the way you write. :) BTW, do you have any idea how to adapt this recipe to take out the dairy? (We may not have a kosher kitchen, but we make an effort to keep dairy and meat separate in meals.)

Glad your mom is OK.

Also glad that so many people came out to celebrate Mike's life and support Naomi. I've only met him in passing, but I was impressed.

I did some research. The consensus is to add one tablespoon of any acid you want (apple cider vinegar, lemon juice) to every cup of unsweetened soy or rice milk. This will give you the flavor profile you want.

Yay, thanks!

What a mix of happy and sad things. I'm glad your mother is well, and that you're blogging your cooking! May you be comforted by Mike's memory.