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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Byetta again

This probably won't work for everyone and you really, really have to like strong flavors, but I managed to actually eat something and I don't feel miserable at all (which I did all day at work. Because nothing is less charming than being a professional cook while feeling nauseated and out of things.)

This is after "lunch" - an egg roll and half a bowl of matzo ball soup. Meaning half the broth and 1/4 the giant matzo ball. Note that normally, lunch is TWO egg rolls and a complete bowl of soup. But the soup stopped looking like food.

I had to shop for dinner anyway, so while I was there, I picked up a piece of gingerroot. When I got home, I peeled it and cut a thin slice, which I ate.

I actually like the taste of raw ginger, okay?

I feel normal. Actually NORMAL.

I'm going to take some slices of ginger to work with me tomorrow.


That's why they say ginger ale is good for an upset stomach. It really does work for some reason. I don't know if other forms of ginger- like crystalized- would work, but you never know.

Crystallized is pure sugar, so it wouldn't work for me. I was looking for a ginger tea, which I know exists, but not where I was shopping.

Ummm....I know I've seen it but I can't remember where. Chinatown for sure. Probably places like Whole Foods or Dean & Delucia at least.

Lipton makes a Lemon-ginger, and I had a different brand on Shabbos at a friend's house. As I said, I know it exists.

yogi tea brand ginger tea is delicious and so tummy soothing.

I'll check other stores.


i have ginger pills which are wonderful for that; you are welcome to some

Re: pills

You know. I wouldn't mind some. Although I really don't mind chomping on the fresh stuff.

Re: pills

I prefer the fresh stuff also (a close relative grows in Central Park) but the pills are easier to carry & store.

I LOVED the squash w/fresh ginger soup you made at Thanksgiving!

I'm glad to hear you're doing better with this! Thanks for keeping us posted.

First, I'm glad for *you* that you're not so miserable; I was sorry to hear how icky the Byetta originally made you feel! Second, I've been diagnosed with pre-diabetes myself, so I find this kind of thing more personally interesting than I used to, and I really appreciate your sharing your experiences.

I want to know that you're listening to your specialist, and trying to modify your diet and exercise. And, seriously - ask about Vitamin D.

I hope this helps people. :)

I want to know that you're listening to your specialist, and trying to modify your diet and exercise.

I am! I went from 5.9 in August (diagnosis) to 5.7 in December (follow-up appointment); the doctor was very happy. I also lost twenty pounds.

You're the first person who's mentioned Vitamin D! I drink a lot of milk, but I wear a lot of sunscreen. So I'll look into that - thank you!

That is MARVELOUS! Keep it up.

Ask your doctor to prescribe vitamin D pills. We're talking 10,000mg - huge.

There are a number of serious studies that say that Type II diabetes has some connection to vitamin D deficiency, which is endemic in the US. Milk and no sunscreen (bad idea) won't do it.