Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Shiva call

I was supposed to make two shiva calls tonight, tonight being my last chance, as both mourners buried their respective fathers on Monday. There's only a part-day shiva on Fridays, the synagogue has a dinner Saturday night, and both will get up from shiva on Sunday after sitting an hour.

I decided to go the further one first by car service,and then take a couple of buses to the nearer one, and then another bus so I could have dinner and go shopping. Fortunately, the nausea from the Byetta is much reduced, so this should have been fine.

And the plan worked fine until after the first call. I reached the bus stop at 6:50. The sign said the next bus would be along in about 6 minutes. It was a busy road and I saw lots of buses going in the other direction, so I didn't think it would be a long wait.

I was wrong. Oh, was I wrong. At 7:20 I decided to walk to the next big perpendicular road (on my nearly frozen feet) so I could get to an atm and also get the phone number of a local car service. As I walked, I stopped at each bus stop and looked for a bus. No bus. Then there was one and I ran back (warmed up a bit, too) and it was full up and didn't stop. So I kept on walking. Next bus past me by - I was too far from any stop to get it. I finally, at about 7:40 or so, reached the big road and there was a gas station with a minimart and an atm, but there was also a bus at the right point that I could catch it. Which I did. Warmth. Sitting. NICE.

And when we approached Ocean Ave, where I'd would have left, I decided to stay on. I had to inject my med and eat dinner. I had to shop. I had to cook Shabbos dinner. No time for another call. Instead, I got off at a subway stop. Well, an elevated stop, since in this part of Brooklyn, subway lines run above the streets.

Now, you must understand that the stations along this line are undergoing major, major renovations. Many stations only have platforms for one direction. My own nearest station, on Ave M, does not have a Coney Island bound platform. This means that if I'm coming from that direction, I have to go one more stop, go across the platform to the Manhattan bound side and get on another train. If I want to go towards Coney Island, I have to get on a Manhattan bound train, go one stop, go down and up to the other platform and get on another train, possibly going an extra stop, and so taking three trains instead of one.

Well, the Ave U station only went to Coney Island. I had to go TWO stops, go down and up and get on a Manhattan bound train.

And there I had dinner - chicken chow mein because I wanted comfort food, and they made it with lots of ginger, bless them. Then I went shopping and home.

And now I'm sipping fresh ginger tea.

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