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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Urban Organic

I don't cook enough vegetables. I simply do not. We didn't do a lot of vegetable cookery in my unfortunately too-short course and with my new meds and jonbaker on Weight Watchers (and doing well), I need to learn to do it.

But I'm not a very imaginative shopper. If you give me a vegetable, I can do things with it, but it needs to be on hand.

I'm thinking seriously of signing up for Urban Organics, which is a Brooklyn-based organic vegetable delivery service. Not quite a farmshare, but they have a nice variety of produce (both fruit and vegetables) and all things i can figure out how to cook or serve in interesting ways. They also offer other groceries.

Has anyone tried them? Is this a good idea? (Note, if I do this, it'll be AFTER Pesach.)


I haven't done this, but I have a couple of people on my flist who've signed up for vegetable delivery services, and make it sound wonderful? They have the surprise each week of getting the vegetables, and figure out what to do with them. They all seem really happy and like it's increased their vegetable intake.

I'm really uninspired about vegetables also. Maybe I should investigate this type of thing in my area -- it seems like it would force one to *use* them, you know?

That's the idea.

I know someone who has been very happy with this service for some time, so I considered it, but I ended up not opting for it. You don't get any choice in what you get, and especially in winter when you get things like kale and cabbage that I simply refuse to eat, it would be an awful waste. I prefer to use farmer's markets for seasonal veggies so I can choose what I get, and how many of each.

Ah, but I LIKE kale and cabbage - I like strong-tasting foods. And there is some choice (at least refusals and doubling up.)

You're a better woman than I. :) I'm a very picky eater; I do eat a wide variety of foods, but when it comes down to my dislikes, I am adamant!

HOWEVER, last week I tasted a mushroom, because my beloved Boy likes mushrooms and I want to like everything he likes. Except eggplant. Some things are simply above and beyond the call of even Trooo Lurv. ;)

(Jury's still out on the mushroom, by the way. I think I'm going to have to learn by taking tiny bites occasionally, like desensitizing a phobia or building immunity to a poison. Heh.)

This will be my second year with a CSA. Each week I get a box of Random Vegetables.

Makes me feel like I'm on Iron Chef - "This weeks ingredient is . . . Kohlrabi," y'know?

Green leafies, roots, aromatics all show up at once, and you learn to plan a menu based on what's in the box. Mix up your Mirepoix by using leeks instead of onions. Sharpen your kniife skills by julienning that Kohlrabi and some carrots, then tossing with lemon juice, olive oil, and dill seed for a Kohlrabi Slaw. Steam green leafies and then toss with tamari, rice vinegar, and sesame oil for a Korean flair.

The disadvantage, at least for me in MN using a CSA, is that in late autumn, when the deliveries stop, I'm all like "Huh? I have to shop for vegetables? Do I even remember how?

The disadvantage, at least for me in MN using a CSA, is that in late autumn, when the deliveries stop, I'm all like "Huh? I have to shop for vegetables? Do I even remember how?

I hear you. I have a 30-to-32-week farm share where I am (exact length depends on how long warm weather lasts in the fall), and when it's over I'm just BAFFLED.

Would you send me the information for this? Thanks!

Sounds good. Let me know if you do sign up, because if you do, and I use you as a referral if I do, your next box is free.

Speaking from the UK: sign up. Then, when you get the veggies, search online for recipes that use what you have.

My younger daughter, who is totally undomesticated, goes for online recipes, filters out what she doesn't like, and every Tuesday produces really awesome meals for her, me and my next door neighbour/oldest friend.


They also provide a newsletter with recipes, which would help a lot.

In that case you're off to a good start already!

That reminds me - the year before last my neighbour and I shared a box. I'll suggest we go back to doing that - I get lazy about vegetables too. I tend to get a lot of spinach because a) I like it, b) my greengrocer sells two large bunches cut just above the root for £1 and c) I can put the bundles with the stems in water and they stay fresh all week. But it does get a bit monotonous.