Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Pesach and Blog post

I've been fighting a cold the last few days. This is a problem when you cook for people with less than robust immune systems. In fact, if Passover wasn't right around the corner, they would have sent me home. And I would have gone.

Instead, I wore a face mask (with tissues between it and my nose) and washed my hands a LOT.

However, being sick means that I had a limited number of spoons and I used them up at work. This is not good when I have a house to make kosher for passover and a large guest list to cook for. I did some the night I first got the cold, when I thought the leaky nose was a reaction to oven cleaner fumes from an oven left on too long. But I worked hard on Wednesday and collapsed that night.

I'm feeling a bit better today, thank goodness, although I still looked like a VERY oddly dressed surgeon at work. Poor Mendy couldn't even get his hugs - I only accepted blown kisses from him. And I stayed late, too.

BUT. My counters and stove top are covered in foil, I have kashered my soup pot and my gravy boat, and I have access to all my Pesach supplies. I'm not done - I need to clear off a table and cover it with a cloth, and I need to do the same for the dining room table. But I cooked some eggs tonight, so all is well.
March 24 and 25, 2010
Tags: cooking blog entry, pesach

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