Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Shavuot 5770 - Menu

I was really busy beforehand,so here's my yom tov menu.

I started with a major handicap - I discovered on yom tov that my oven isn't working. The burners are, but not the oven itself. It won't ignite, not even with a match. This made for some menu changes. We'll get it fixed next week. Shabbat dinner will be made in the crockpot and we're going out for lunch.

Tuesday night - whole wheat penne with ricotta cheese, pine nuts, sundried tomatoes, scallions, garlic and olive oil. And salad. No guests.

Wednesday lunch (very late because people stay up all night) - Salad with tehina dressing (mixed with olive oil, lime juice and lemon juice to salad dressing consistency), guacamole, humus, cucumber spears. 2nd course - scrambled eggs with heated salsa. WAS going to be shakshuka, but I always have to finish that in the oven. Thus - compromise. Also, whole wheat pita and mimosas made with Proseco - delicious. And my guests brought pareve ice cream cake because she can't eat dairy right now.

Wednesday dinner - chicken filet, noodles and green beans.

Thursday lunch - pan-cooked tuna steak, leftover noodles (couldn't bake the potatoes as planned) and asparagus. And more ice cream cake.

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