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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

During the period of mourning, one is not permitted to get new clothing (although some limit that to *good* clothing, the kind worn on Shabbos or for celebrations.) However, sometimes it's necessary.

An example - not only is jonbaker doing extremely well on Weight Watchers (so proud of him!), but he was in desperate need of a new suit before his father passed. His current one is very, very worn. We just didn't have time to get him one. So, is he stuck?

There's a solution - have someone else wear the clothing - really wear it, not just try it on - first. Then it's no longer new. Jonathan's a big guy, and probably always will be despite the weight loss, but we do have a close friend who is, if not equally large, at least not small.

He's contemplating the phone call he'd need to make. "Hey, Stuart! I want your body!"

(Note - I was drinking coffee when he told me this. Barely averted disaster.)


What about Goodwill? Would that count?

Yes, Goodwill would count, but it's hard enough to find new clothing in my size, used clothing would be next to impossible. I do a lot with JCPenney online big-men's ordering.

Now, my brother, who is about 5'5" and 145 pounds, gets a lot of his clothes from what his neighbors throw away. But then, they're paying big rent on their Brooklyn apartment plus mortgage and ridiculous property taxes on their summer property (a farm upstate).

Snicker, you should put up a "do not drink while reading this", I almost spat my orange juice.

Wonderful to hear about Jonathan's success!

My grandparents died within 8 months of each other and my father, uncle and aunt were in aveilut for 20 months. My poor cousin had so much "ill fitting" clothes bought for her over those 2 years because my cousin was still in elementary school and her mother was, well, an adult.
"Ahuva - look at what I bought you!"
"But Ima, the skirt is dragging on the floor and the shirt is slipping off my shoulders!"
"No, just wear it, you'll get used to it fitting that way...oh, you've worn it and it still doesn't fit? I guess I'll have to take it off your hands!"

Hm. Pity he's not as tall as Jacob; if he's lost that much weight then the 38-waist suits would otherwise fit (or be too large).

Jonathan is still over 300 pounds. 38 inch waists are a distant dream.

Ah, my apologies. He's not that far off from Jacob, though.

Unless Jacob has really put on the tonnage, I doubt he's "not far off". I have gone from 58-inch to 56-inch pants, and down about 4-5 holes on the belts.

I haven't had a 38-inch waist since I was a sophomore, 26 years ago.

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