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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I've been needing new bras for awhile, and I know I've changed shape, so I went to a lingerie shop and got measured.

I'm down two band sizes.


Not that they fit perfectly - they didn't have A-cups in my size. Very few places do. Justmysize taunted me with a banner advertising A-cup bras, except when I went to order, they were on back-order. And padded. So I gave up and got more B-cups. I can ALMOST fill them.

Good thing I don't need a lot of support, right? Of course, that's because I AM that small.

However, when I put my shirt on over the new bra, I looked so much better - less sloppy. Definitely time for new bras in new size.

New size. Wow.


Where did you get measured? I have two places I trust, and could pass info on to you. And one of them has a wide variety of sizes, too.

Did the store not offer to order you bras in the correct size? If not, I'd find another store. My problem is the opposite, not a gigantic band size, but the cups are h or i sized. You're not going to find bras in my size down at Kohl's or Macy's. Anyway, the shop I go to here in Houston didn't have any bras my size without a band around the bottom (bands roll on me) and offered to order them.

Yay for proper sizing!

figleaves.com might be able to help you out.